Diana Sophia

Singer & Songwriter

Born in Mexico, Diana Sophia fled the toxicity of her parents’ home due to trauma. Her journey led her to discover healing through music. Success at the Mexican Opera House, while initially gratifying, soon gave way to the complexities of living with Complex PTSD. Yet, this struggle unveiled her authentic voice as a singer-songwriter. Today, she’s committed to utilizing her original music, powerful voice, and personal narrative to champion mental health awareness and offer healing and hope to fellow trauma survivors and their loved ones, contributing to a brighter world.

My Rock Opera "A Mexican Free holy!" Online


Diana Sophia is a Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and complex trauma survivor living with C-PTSD.

She received formal training at renowned institutions in her native country Mexico, including the Conservatorio de las Rosas and the Escuela Superior de Música. Her career highlights include professional classical singing with The Mexican Opera House Choir at Palacio Nacional de Bellas Artes, recognition through a grant from the International Society of Mexican Artistic Values (SIVAM) for young opera singers, and reaching the finals of the Mexican National Singing Contest Carlo Morelli.

In New York she honed her vocal skills under the guidance of renowned trainers and institutions like The Martina Arroyo Foundation, and Barbara Maier Gustern, who was even a vocal coach for the iconic singer ‘Blondie.’

Diana has served as a teaching artist with The Society of Educational Arts at Teatro SEA, and Mano a Mano: Mexican Culture Without Borders.

In 2021, Diana Sophia created, presented and performed an original rock opera, “A Mexican Free Holy!” at the Brooklyn Music School Theater. This production features her original music, narrating the journey of a Latin woman who confronts her demons in New York, ultimately discovering freedom. In addition, she has directed and produced some music videos.

Diana’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of music. Her mission is to utilize her original music to raise awareness about mental health among trauma survivors and establish collaborations with mental health organizations and non-profits. Through these connections, her aim is to contribute to a better world, offering hope and support through her music.


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