"Music isn't just a passion for me, it's a way of life."

From the vibrant streets of Mexico to the heart of New York City, I’ve been on an incredible journey.

I honed my musical skills in prestigious institutions back home, including the ‘Conservatorio de las Rosas’ and the ‘Escuela Superior de Música.’ My voice found its home in the grandeur of ‘Palacio Nacional de Bellas Artes’ with The Mexican Opera House Choir. This journey led me to be a finalist in the Mexican National Singing Contest ‘Carlo Morelli’ and even earn a grant from the ‘International Society of Mexican Artistic Values’ (SIVAM).


My journey is a manifesto to the healing power of music. My goal as an artist is to leverage my original music to raise mental health awareness among trauma survivors. I aim to share my personal journey as a female artist living with Complex PTSD, with the intent of forging collaborations and partnerships with mental health organizations and non-profits. Through these connections, I aspire to contribute to a better world by promoting awareness and hope for trauma survivors and their loved ones.


In 2019, I found out I was struggling with Complex PTSD, it was a self-diagnosis which was later confirmed by my therapist. This discovery marked a turning point in my life. I began to channel my experiences into music and released my first EP, “Shine,” exploring themes of resiliency, hope, hurt, betrayal, and inspiration.

Today, residing in Brooklyn, NY, I perform my original music at small venues and have produced and directed music videos and shows. My last production is an Opera Rock with my original music called “A Mexican Free Holy” which portrays the journey of a Latin female who comes to New York to confronts her demons and become free. I am performer and teaching artist of The Society of Educational Arts at Teatro SEA and the founder of Diana Sophia Music, my own music business.

"Singing and creating songs have brought peace and wholeness into my life."