“As an individual who lived through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City, I have been waiting for the music and art that would come from it, and Diana Sophia did not disappoint with her song “Sirens”. Diana might be from Mexico, but in many ways, she is nothing but a New Yorker. She is all about grit and passion. In addition to being an incredible singer-songwriter, she is a survivor.”  Jejune Magazine

“Diana’s seasoned voice and soul-infused performance are the ultimate icing on “Runaway” a stimulating and enchanting single.”  MYM, Middle Tenesse Music

“Diana Sophia’s singular style, haunting, yet comforting voice, and her intelligent lyrics are obvious calling cards.”  Independent Music News 24

“Diana Sophia’s true talent lies in her thoughtful lyric and her otherworldy voice.”  Jamsphere, The Independent Music Magazine


Diana Sophia has been described as Amy Lee meets Sia. at age 18 she ran away from a toxic home environment in Mexico City to work on her emotional healing and work towards making her dreams to come true. Writing and music were the healing power from which she recovered her voice and self expression.

She found her artistic voice and freedom in New York City and began performing live as a way to release her emotional storytelling through her original music in both English and Spanish.

Diana Sophia possesses a unique voice and music delivery. She was part of The Mexican Opera House in Mexico City and performed on many stages spanning musical genres from opera, rock-pop, world music, and experimental fusion.

In early 2019, she released her first EP “Shine”, and after that she has released singles like “Sirens” and “I Don’t Wanna Feel”. Diana has produced and directed most of her music videos, and her last opera rock “A Mexican Free Holy” which was performed with a live band, puppets, and lighting in 2021 in New York.



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This rock opera, reflects the journey of a Mexican woman who embarks when she leaves her country and decides to go to New York City all by herself after experiencing years of violence and trauma. In NY, this woman can face her demons and find her true self and strength. This work was created, directed, and produced by me, Diana Sophia. The show has some musical pieces from the popular Mexican repertoire and counted with the collaboration of other Latin American artists.